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Virtual Office of Wisconsin IT Consultant and Computer Repair 

Virtual Office strives to provide total system management solutions for your business. In our inception, we have seen a need to provide an affordable full network hosted environment for small to medium size businesses at a fixed monthly fee clients can budget for. We were named Techies of the Month in the October 2002 edition of Dot Com Magazine.


Full PC/Server Cloud Hosting
Eliminate costly Labor, Server and PC upgrades. Access your programs and data from anywhere. Run on a fixed monthly fee your company can budget for. Let Virtual Office host your entire network.


Corporate Email Hosting
With Exchange Email Hosting, you can share calendars and contacts, access email from Outlook, Web Browsers, Tablets and Smart Phones. We also offer email encryption which exceeds Hipaa requirements.


VOIP Phone System Hosting
Avoid expensive phone systems, Lan lines from the phone company and expensive labor by letting us host your system in the cloud. Phones can be used from any location with an internet connection.


Onsite Maintenance & Repair
24/7 access to on-site data and ability to meet you where and when you need us.

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